Company Profile

Company Profile

Capital Search was established in February 2009 by Charles Francis and Giles Blundell to address a key problem in the recruitment industry. Banking & Financial services recruitment is over supplied by unqualified people and clients are not getting a quality product or service from their suppliers. The company was founded in the belief that a search firm that truly understands the financial sector can be a valuable partner for financial institutions that are looking to identify the best talent.

From day one the mission of the company was to deliver a superior product and service; the value we add to our clients and the strength of relationships we build with both candidate and client stems from having worked in the industry where you are only as good as your last trade and everything starts and ends with our clients.

The approach is simple, consistently deliver for clients and in turn our business will grow, no magic formula just hard work which we have evolved into our own proprietary process. This sense of professionalism and client focus along with technical knowledge is a culture that has been nurtured in every employee within the firm through extensive internal training. This approach has seen the company positively grow consistently year on year.

Charles and Giles were both born and educated in the UK and started working for global investment banks in London (HSBC, Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse) spending a combined 25 years on trading floors and working in Capital Markets.

We are a trusted partner to wide range of clients including banks, brokerages, sovereign wealth funds and asset managers building relationships built on the trust fostered by years of delivery.

Ethics are the cornerstone of our business, and we believe should be for any company that is aiming for long term sustainable success.

We retain a passion and interest in finance and the financial markets that shows in the way we manage our business.