Our Process

Our Process

The Capital Process

The advantages of a true specialist firm

We have a 7 stage process with 49 individual steps which utilises the firms experience in finance and search to ensure you see the best candidates.

You are probably hiring the best of the candidates that are being presented to you… but are you seeing the very best candidates in the market?

What our process does not include is, running adverts for roles, relying on social media or job boards/portals or using a database of candidates actively looking for a job.

Every role is treated as a new search and we will go through the whole process for every position.


The 7 stages of The Capital Process

The advantages of a true specialist firm

  • We meet with our clients to understand the requirements and collaboratively develop the best approach for the search.

Customised strategy for each search


  • Each engagement is managed by an ex-industry Partner from start to finish
  • Every search firm says they listen to their clients…there is a difference in listening and understanding.
  • Taking time upfront to understand the requirement but not wasting stakeholders time with unnecessary questions from lack of understanding of the business.
  • Our top down research approach is a differentiator: our dedicated in-house researchers explore appropriate networks, firms, and associations to target.

Assess the strategy for sourcing candidates


  • We know where to look for passive candidates
  • Industry relationships lead to strong referrals and recommendations.
  • Understanding the appropriate peer group
  • A professional presentation of the client and opportunity

Presenting the opportunity to candidates


  • High-value candidates are more receptive and responsive to a professional regarded as an industry peer.
  • Having senior ex industry consultants recruiting tells the prospective candidates that your company takes recruiting seriously and it’s a key role for them.
  • Your organization has an important story to tell and our experienced consultants are experts at creating interest and delivering your value propositions.
  • Before prospects become candidates, our consultants conduct in-depth interviews to evaluate their qualifications, personality and cultural fit.

Interviewing candidates


  • Interview and qualify candidates employing competency-based assessment.
  • Managing expectations and understanding candidate motivations at an early stage allows a smooth transition to offer stage.
  • First round of screening done to a standard that means candidates presented are all technically capable and suitable.
  • We work with our clients to move through the interview process in an efficient manner to arrive at the targeted candidates for the offer stage.

Targeted list of candidates


  • We work quickly , Ninety-two percent of the time, we introduce 5-8 qualified candidates within the first 14 days of a project.
  • 95% of search result in a hire from the initial shortlist.
  • Due to our intensive assessment process, our clients typically only need to interview 5 candidates before making a hire (industry averages 11).
  • Experienced ex-industry consultant managing offer and acceptance stage.

Acceptance of offer


  • Managing candidates making career choices requires a maturity and experience to make sure the process is closed successfully.
  • Top performers have choices. Their motives for changing jobs are usually different from the average employee so need experienced handling.
  • Balancing short term remuneration vs long term career goals for both candidate and client.
  • Post placement follow up

Long term relationship

Long Term

  • Helping candidates onboard and integrate for a smoother transition.
  • Continued support to ensure our candidates thrive in their new environment
  • In order to assist our senior hires make a positive impact we can offer industry relevant coaching/mentoring through our affiliated partner.